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An Investigation into Tourists’ Motivating Factors for Selecting a Destination: A Comparison between Inbound and Outbound Destinations (The Case of the City of Tehran) (11380 Downloads)
Stability Analysis of Financial Resources and Income of Tehran Municipality (9778 Downloads)
An Investigation into Social Harms Originating in Squatter Settlement in the District 19 of Tehran Municipality from Urban Managers’ Perspective (7735 Downloads)
Evaluation the Qualitative and Quantitative Indicators Affecting on Urban Green Space Planning (The Case of Miyaneh City) (7248 Downloads)
Strategic Planning for the Organizing of Urban Old Textures (Case Study: Shahidgah-Sheikh Safi Neighborhood in Ardabil City) (6646 Downloads)
Effective Factors on Urban Brand and Their Prioritization from Perspective of International Tourists (Case Study: Tehran’s Milad Tower) (5901 Downloads)
Sustainable Financing Strategies of Tehran Municipality in the Five-Year Plan, Emphasizing Issued Resistive Economy Policies (5587 Downloads)
An Assessment of Effective Factors on Economic Empowerment (Case Study: Vulnerable Women in Tehran) (4959 Downloads)
Studying Sustainable Revenue Sources of Municipalities (Case: Shabestar, East Azerbaijan Province) (4683 Downloads)
The Modeling of Locating Method in Regenerating Urban Distressed Areas (Case Study: Zeynabiyeh Area in Isfahan) (4565 Downloads)
Spatial Analysis of Urban Poverty in Tehran Metropolis (4394 Downloads)
Factors for Performance Evaluation based on Balanced-Scorecard Approach (The Case of Karaj Municipality) (4248 Downloads)
Viability Index in Urban Environments (Case Study: The Central Part of Holy City of Qom) (4081 Downloads)
The Relationship between Branding of Economic Newspapers and Customers’ Satisfaction in Metropolitan Countries (4008 Downloads)
Identifying Effective Economic Factors on Urban Entrepreneurship (Case Study: City of Tehran) (3998 Downloads)
An Analysis on the Price of Urban Land in Iran’s Provinces during 2001 to 2011 (3895 Downloads)
The Effect of Environmental and Individual Factors on Job Satisfaction of Employees in District 18 of Tehran Municipality (3849 Downloads)
Transport and Urban Traffic Management in Tehran with Economic View (3770 Downloads)
The Effective Factors on Private Sector Cooperation as an Approach to Finance Sustainable Recourses of Municipality Projects (3711 Downloads)
Strategic Assessment of City Spatial Structure in Sustainability Framework (The Case of the City of Sari) (3694 Downloads)
Forecasting the House Price for Ahvaz City: the Comparison of the Hedonic and Artificial Neural Network Models (3643 Downloads)
Public-Private Sectors Partnership in Renovation of Distressed Areas in 9th Region of Tehran Municipality (3493 Downloads)
Analysis of Effective Factors on Housing Prices by Using Stepwise Regression Analysis (A case study of Tehran’s Fatemi district) (3493 Downloads)
Systematic Approach to the Budgeting of Municipalities in Terms of Applying Adjustment Policies of Energy Prices (3357 Downloads)
Identification and Determination of Dimensions of Tourism Management Model in Tehran (3336 Downloads)
Sustainability Assessment of Urban Transport Systems (The Case of Rasht) (3302 Downloads)
Effective Factors on Citizenship Education Emphasizing on Urban Sustainable Development (Case: Zanjan Municipality) (3278 Downloads)
Assessing the Role of Urban Tourism in Economic-Environmental Development of the City of Babolsar (3269 Downloads)
Measuring Tourists' Satisfaction of the Mahabad City with an Emphasis on Shopping Tourism (3263 Downloads)
The Impact of Organizational Learning on Economic and Social Accountability of Tehran Municipality (Case Study: Tehran Municipality Districts 1, 6, 8, 19, and 22) (3184 Downloads)
Calculation the Return on Investment Rate (ROI) of the Specialized Courses of Tehran Municipality (3112 Downloads)
Barriers to absorb investment in urban area (case study: Lorestan Province) (2991 Downloads)
Satisfaction Analysis of Public Transportation Users in the South Alborz (2985 Downloads)
An Analysis of the Factors Preventing the Realization of an Urban Integrated Management through the Lens of Existing Laws (2973 Downloads)
Identification of the Relationship between Tourism Industry Development and Economic Growth of Zanjan Province (2963 Downloads)
Economic Ranking of the 22 Districts of the City of Tehran for Prioritizing Establishing Financial and Trade Centers via Multi-Attribute Decision-Making and Ranking Method (2953 Downloads)
The Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Protection of Urban Management with Social Responsibility and Municipal Employees’ Job Performance of Hamadan (2861 Downloads)
Prioritization of Management Indexes of Municipal Solid Waste in Line with Sustainable Development (Case Study: City of Bokan) (2811 Downloads)
The Role of Social Capital, Commitment, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Improving Job Performance (Case Study: Khoy Municipality) (2793 Downloads)
The Role of Informal Jobs in Relieving Informal Settlement (Case Study: Hesaramir of Pakdasht) (2792 Downloads)
The Role of Organizational Change on Improving Organizations Financial and Economic Performance (Case Study: Bank Shahr) (2756 Downloads)
Proposing a Conceptual Framework of Urban Regeneration Interaction and Entrepreneur City in Achieving Place Marketing (2737 Downloads)
Designing an Outsourcing System of Renovation for Tehran Urban Distressed Areas (2705 Downloads)
Identification of Effective Dimensions on Forecasting Urban Planning with Economic Approach (Case Study: Sustainable Development of Qazvin) (2676 Downloads)
Evaluation of Tourism Sidewalks Recreation Potentials from the Perspective of Urban Sustainable Development (The case of 15 Khordad Avenue - Tehran) (2676 Downloads)
Analyzing the Relationship between the Indices of Identifying the Worn-out Textures and Indices of Urban Sustainable Development in the City of Mashhad (2668 Downloads)
Structural Analysis, Measurement of Spatial Distribution Model and Classification the Construction of Urban Areas Based on Benefit from Urban Services (Case Study: Five Districts of Zahedan) (2661 Downloads)
Ranking Tourism Attractions Based on Potential to Attract Tourists by Using Numerical Taxonomy Model (Case: City of Khoy) (2652 Downloads)
Spatial Analysis of Prosperity Levels in Tehran Metropolis From the Perspective of Urban Economics (2616 Downloads)
An Investigation into Effective Factors Deciding Urban Housing Prices via Hedonic Pricing Model (The Case of District 2 of the City of Sanandaj) (2589 Downloads)
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