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According to Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association (IUESA), the 23rd issue of “Journal of Urban Economics and Management” has been published.
There are eight articles in the summer issue of this journal including:
1. An Assessment of the Logical Value of Comprehensive Urban Development Plans of Tehran
2. An Assessment of the Causal Model of Effective Metrics on Urban Competitiveness Using a Fuzzy DEMATEL Approach
3. An extraction and Analysis of the Return Risk of Real Estate Industry, (Based on Value at Risk Based on Markov Approach)
4. The Effect of Expanding Higher Education Centers on the Use of Its Surrounding Areas in Tabriz Metropolis
5. Organizational productivity with the maintenance of human resources talents: providing a model (A Study on National Iranian Gas Company)
6. Determining the Optimal Structure of Tehran Municipality Income Basis Based on Risk and Returns
7. Resisting Urban Economy by Optimizing Efficient Urban Population 
8. The Role of Public Spaces in the Realization of City Prosperity and Sustainable Development
Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association (IUESA), is the owner of Journal of Urban Economics and Management. Dr. Seyed Mohsen Tabatabaei Mozdabadi is managing director and Dr. Sadeghi Shahdani is editor-in-chief. 
“Journal of Urban Economics and Management” is indexed in Econlit affiliated with American Economic Association and Econbiz affiliated with German libraries. Econlit introduced “Journal of Urban Economics and Management” in its June 2015 issue as a top world 12 most reputable magazine.
For more information, please visit www.iuea.ir or www.iueam.ir.

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