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Determine the Optimum and Sustainable Size of City in a Local Economy Model (the Case of Iranian Metropolises) (8862 Views)
Sustainable Financing Strategies of Tehran Municipality in the Five-Year Plan, Emphasizing Issued Resistive Economy Policies (8743 Views)
The Role of Public Participation in Urban Economy and Management (The Case of the City of Amol) (8295 Views)
Maskane Mehr residents’ Satisfaction Measurement by City Management Approach (the Case of Bustan Complex in New Hashtgerd City) (8086 Views)
Assessing the Role of Urban Tourism in Economic-Environmental Development of the City of Babolsar (7989 Views)
The Effect of Environmental and Individual Factors on Job Satisfaction of Employees in District 18 of Tehran Municipality (7942 Views)
Financing Methods of Housing Renovation in Urban Distressed Areas (The Case of Tehran) (7848 Views)
Checking the Compression and Expansion Level of Urban Management Development from the Perspective of Sustainable Development (the Case of Yazd City) (7703 Views)
Clarifying the Role of Organizational Culture in Readiness for Change (the CaseStudy: City Bank Staff) (7328 Views)
Organizational Excellence Assessment of Tehran Municipality According to EFQM Model (7219 Views)
Stability Analysis of Financial Resources and Income of Tehran Municipality (7202 Views)
The Role of Urban Management in Distribution of Social Capital (A case study of Kermanshah city) (7131 Views)
Measuring Tourists' Satisfaction of the Mahabad City with an Emphasis on Shopping Tourism (6790 Views)
Offering an Annual Tax Calculation Model for Private Vehicles with the Approach of Increasing Incomes of Sustainable Urban Management (6727 Views)
Effective Factors on Urban Brand and Their Prioritization from Perspective of International Tourists (Case Study: Tehran’s Milad Tower) (6683 Views)
Ahwaz Estimated Housing Prices Using Neural Networks (6637 Views)
Analysis of Effective Factors on Housing Prices by Using Stepwise Regression Analysis (A case study of Tehran’s Fatemi district) (6612 Views)
Evaluating the Extent of the Satisfaction of Citizens of Tehran with Services and the Staff of Tehran Municipality (6514 Views)
Designing an Outsourcing System of Renovation for Tehran Urban Distressed Areas (6445 Views)
The Effect of Privatization on the Performance of the Tehran Bus Lines (With Emphasis on the BRT System) (6433 Views)
Experience Economy: A New Approach to Supply and Demand System in Tourism (The Case of High School Students in the City of Tehran) (6329 Views)
An Investigation into the Functions of Small Cities in Urban System and Regional Development (The Case of the City of Nain) (6200 Views)
An Analysis of the Factors Preventing the Realization of an Urban Integrated Management through the Lens of Existing Laws (6068 Views)
An Investigation into Effective Factors Deciding Urban Housing Prices via Hedonic Pricing Model (The Case of District 2 of the City of Sanandaj) (6057 Views)
Evaluation the Qualitative and Quantitative Indicators Affecting on Urban Green Space Planning (The Case of Miyaneh City) (6039 Views)
A Self-Assessment Model for Increasing Customer Satisfaction (The Case of Organizations for Urban Services) (6013 Views)
The Effect of Evaluation Levels on Improving the Quality of Training Courses by Tehran Municipality with an Approach to Promoting Economic Function (5898 Views)
A Self-Assessment Executive Pattern in Large Organizations (5898 Views)
Science and Technology Parks and Regional, Local, and Urban Economy: Identifying the Effective Contextual Factors in Assessing the Function of such New Organizations (5868 Views)
Determination The Factors Affecting the Choice of Residential Units Location, by Using the Discrete Choice Model (the Case of Tabriz) (5866 Views)
Training in Sustainable Urban Development (5858 Views)
Devising a Competitive Advantage Model for Manufacturing Firms Based on Dynamic Capabilities Theory and Strategic Agility in Line with Economic Development of the City of Semnan (5842 Views)
Electronic Urban Management: A Stride towards Actualizing Urban Sustainability An Investigation into the Status of Electronic Municipality in Metropolises (5822 Views)
Economic Management of a City, Placing Emphasis on the Local Tax and the Effective Variables whereof (The Case of the City of Tehran) (5808 Views)
External Financing of Urban Projects and Efficiency of City Services (The Case of Tehran Municipality) (5784 Views)
Evaluation of Tourism Sidewalks Recreation Potentials from the Perspective of Urban Sustainable Development (The case of 15 Khordad Avenue - Tehran) (5776 Views)
Factors for Performance Evaluation based on Balanced-Scorecard Approach (The Case of Karaj Municipality) (5770 Views)
Satisfaction Analysis of Public Transportation Users in the South Alborz (5741 Views)
Opportunities and Threats in the Development of Tourism Industry in the City of Maraqeh (5695 Views)
Analyzing the Relationship between the Indices of Identifying the Worn-out Textures and Indices of Urban Sustainable Development in the City of Mashhad (5624 Views)
Sustainability Assessment of Urban Transport Systems (The Case of Rasht) (5576 Views)
Strategic Assessment of City Spatial Structure in Sustainability Framework (The Case of the City of Sari) (5550 Views)
Public-Private Sectors Partnership in Renovation of Distressed Areas in 9th Region of Tehran Municipality (5539 Views)
An Investigation into Tourists’ Motivating Factors for Selecting a Destination: A Comparison between Inbound and Outbound Destinations (The Case of the City of Tehran) (5509 Views)
The Economic Valuation of Urban Entertainment Services (the Case of: Estimates of the Amusement Value of Mellat Park in Holly Mashhad) (5425 Views)
Measuring the Development Degree of Ardabil Province Cities, Using the Hierarchical and Numerical Taxonomy Analysis Models (5409 Views)
Estimation the Housing Price in Holy City of Mashhad Using the Kaplan Meier Model (Survival Curve) (5390 Views)
The Role of Small-Sized Cities in the Regional Equilibrium of East Azerbaijan Province (5258 Views)
An Analysis of Spatial Consequences of Urban Management Measures in Old and New Sections of the Metropolis of Tabriz (5258 Views)
The Relationship between Organizational Forgetting and the Municipality's Performance on Sustainable Urban Development (the Case of District 16 of Tehran Municipality) (5245 Views)
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